FAQ - AirLST - Ihr Reservierungssystem in der Gastronomie


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to connect AirLST with an existing homepage?

Yes, AirLST is easily with a widget integratable on your website.

Do I need an additional software to use AirLST

No, there is no need to install anything extra. As AirLST is web-based it can be used on any PC or notebook .

Are my datas lost if my iPad is out of battery

No, your datas are constantly safed and will be updated once you are charged.

Is there a "per customer" charge

No, with AirLST you have only your monthly fee.

Is a credit card necessary to use AirLST ?

Yes, you need to hold a valid credit card.

Can I resign from AirLST anytime?

Yes, you only will be charged while using AirLST. You can cancel your account monthly. Once you reactivate your account you regain access to all your services.

I organise a lot of Events. Is AirLST able to assist me with that?

Yes, please visit our AirLST website especially for event planners.