For your guests - AirLST - Ihr Reservierungssystem in der Gastronomie

Your guests feel good from the very first moment!

In personal contact with you:
Around the clock regardless of where from.

With only 4 clicks the next business meal can be reserved with you!

70% of restaurant reservations are made outside of business hours. With AirLST you allow your customers at any time to place a reservation. With help of the online widget to the guest acknowledges the times at which capacity is still available and can book them accordingly. At full occupancy, this is directly made ​​to the host identified and save yourself unnecessary rejections. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials: The guests present at your restaurant!

Add notes to reservations and stock the wine cooler with the guests' favorite wines

Guests can add notes to their reservation and specify details and extra information. This allows guests to notify you of table preferences and special occasions such as birthdays.

Select favourite tables on the seating plan!

Get a clear overview of the available capacity of your business by digitally recreating your seating plan. Provide a link to your seating plan on your website allowing guests to reserve specific tables.

Reserve tables quickly and easily on your restaurant's Facebook page!

More and more people are using social networks like Facebook to arrange evening meals with friends. By embedding the AirLST reservation button on your Facebook page your guests can reserve directly. Make it easier to reach your customers.

Automatic emails to confirm successful reservations!

If there is free space your guests will receive a confirmation of their reservation via email. Guests can add this reservation confirmation to their diary, thus reducing the no-show rate and boosting business.

Actively manage ratings on review portals!

Reviews on portals such as Tripadvisor, Yelp and Google have an increasing influence on the success of a business. The fact of the matter is that an unsatisfied customer is far more likely to write a review than a satisfied customer. Thanks to AirLST you can actively prompt your guests to write a review after their visit. This will improve your overall rating and lead to more reservations in the future.

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