Functions - AirLST - Ihr Reservierungssystem in der Gastronomie

AirLST is your digital,
modern reservation calendar.

AirLST works like a classical reservation book: Enter your guests into the calendar, allocate tables and make notes for yourself. You also have all of the advantages of a digital list: Sort your reservations with a click, e.g. according to name, table, or time.

Your data is permanently accessible -
also offline.

Through the synchronization with our calculation center we can determine that you have access to all your data, all the time. Should you at some point not have an internet connection, AirLST will continue to run offline and synchronize your data the next time you connect. We secure continual backups.

Personally assign employees digitally!

Delegate tasks with AirLST in which you create accounts for your employees with individualized accessibility privileges.

Manage and care for your guest’s data.

Thanks to the intelligent contact manager, unmanageable hand lists are a thing of the past. In the future your guest data will be kept up to date with a regular duplicate filter and automatic updates, in addition to being secure thanks to encrypted connection.

Illustrate your restaurant online.

With the table plan drawer you can recognize when particular tables are occupied or free. Short notice reservation can be easily synchronized. In order to guarantee an optimal workload even with no shows, over booking and double bookings are made possible without a problem.
The table plan is modifiable with a few clicks.

Design your personal reservation page.

We will gladly make an individualized reservation page available to you, on which you can update images and texts. The reservation page is either connected with a simple link (though a URL) or through a widget on your website.

Manage online reservations on the go with an App.

Are you often on the go? Manage online reservation directly in the app, e.g. confirm or reject. The guest automatically receives a corresponding message.

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Generate reservations with Facebook.

After the successful connection of your reservation page or reservation widget, you can also generate reservations over Facebook and make guests out of your fans. Your reservation page is also directly integratable with your Facebook page at the click of a button.

Profit from our network.

Use our partnership with large and local newspaper publishers! Obtain more coverage and gain new guests via the websites and portals of our network partners.

Track the appearances of your guests.

With the "check in" function, guests are registered upon arrival - a statistical evaluation of no shows is also possible.

Highlight your personal touch.

Your means of communication should carry your personal touch. With the Email-Editor you can easily create your own email templates, reservation confirmations, coupons and newsletters.

Intensify your guest contact.

Build your own contact database: Serve your guests, for example, regular newsletters and encourage them to visit you again.

Remind your guests to give you feedback.

"Highest recommendation!" - positive evaluations are the best advertisement. With the reminder function you can remind your guests to give you an evaluation. At the same time you are able to create an additional point of contact and deepen the guests' memory of their pleasant time with you.

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