Our clients - AirLST - Ihr Reservierungssystem in der Gastronomie

Completely integrated bar and restaurant management:
The "Chez-Fritz" in Munich

"With AirLST we can finally make it possible for our guests to make reservations around the clock. The reservation was integrated into our homepage and the guest is registered in just a few clicks. They then automatically receive a reservation confirmation. This way we know both that the procedure worked and we can look forward to the visit"

Tom Breiter, Chez Fritz

Key features

Making reservations around the clock

table plan

confirmation mail

Guest notes for customer connection

AirLST requirements

Statistically, most reservations are placed outside of restaurants hours of operations. Offering online reservations is therefore essential to generating more customers. AirLST places a high value on the simplicity of the reservation procedure in order to make the guests as comfortable as possible. Therefore, our reservation widget requires only a few clicks for a reservation to be made. At the same time the guest can still leave a reservation note, for example if they want a specific table or if they want to have a wine cooled for their arrival.

The restaurant can set whether they want to receive a message for every reservation and if they want to personally answer the guest or if a confirmation mail should be automatically sent off.

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