Partner program - AirLST - Ihr Reservierungssystem in der Gastronomie

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Who can become an AirLST Partner?

In principle, anybody can become an AirLST Partner and enjoy attractive financial rewards.


Does your agency develop websites for restaurants or event organisers? AirLST offers the right tool for reservation or registration management.

Webdesigner, Freelancer

Do you provide a service to restaurants and develop their websites? AirLST is the ideal partner for reservation management.

Portals und Blogs

Do you operate a (regional) portal, a trade directory or a blog in the gastronomy sector? AirLST offers you a valuable tool to manage reservations.

People working in the restaurant, entertainment and event sectors

Do you work in the gastro or event scene and meet many decision-makers? AirLST offers you the opportunity to cash in on your contacts.

Become an AirLST Partner in 3 steps

Step 1:
Register as a partner

Fill in the registration form at the bottom of this webpage. We shall then activate your personal partner portal.

Step 2:
Get customers to register with AirLST

The objective now is to attract new customers for AirLST. We shall provide you with all the necessary tools incl. marketing material.

Step 3:
Receive cash commission

Every lead resulting in a new registration with AirLST is worth solid cash. And you will receive a sizable commission when a customer decides to sign up with AirLST after the test phase.

... and receive attractive financial rewards!

To start with, we shall pay you an amount between 0.50 and 1.50 euros for each registration with AirLST.

  • For leads for free accounts
  • Depending on the quality of the contacts

At Level 1, you will also receive 10% of the first year’s turnover for each sale of an AirLST license from one of your leads.

  • For leads for pay accounts
  • Share directly in the annual turnover

At Level 2, you will receive 20% in total of the first year’s turnover from the 11th sale per month from one of your leads.

  • From 11th lead resulting in a sale
  • Alternatively 5% of lifetime turnover

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